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Bridge items (Noise Barrier)

(1) Product Outline

A wall installed to block sounds from outside or sounds emitted from the room to other places.

(2) Product Structure and Specification

- It is manufactured in consideration of Sound absorption rate, Acoustic Penetration loss, Loss, etc. of how much the decibel level decreases after installing the Noise Barrier when manufacturing soundproof walls.
- Post, Absorbing Plate, Soundproofing plate, Attenuator, Other materials

The Thickness of the structure Post is selected according to the wind load and wind speed by region(Local area), and the Height is selected according to noise reduction

- Absorbing plate : 1960 x 500 x 95T(mm), Al alloy min 1.0t, Galvanized,
- PC Clear Sound proof plate : 1960 x 500 x 60~95T(mm), 60T(Glass), 95T(PC and PMMA), Al Alloy, Min 1.2t,, UV Coating, Hard Coating

(3) Product Special Features

a) Using a more durable frame than wind speed level 5.
b) There is a 10-15% noise reduction effect when using the attenuator.

(4) Construction Cases