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2023 ~ President

  • 1. Participated in Kotra 2023 Korea Biz-Trade Show
    2. Participated in Korea Public Procurement Expo 2023
    3. Participating in Overseas Branch Business Project, KOSME
    4. Participated in GBSA 2023 G-Fair Asean+ Business
    5. Certifying ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
    6. Dispatching to Indonesia & Vietnam as an Environment Trade Promotion Team, GBSA
    1. Participating in 2023 Eco Fair Korea


  • 1. Participated in Kotra 2022 Dubai Innovative Fair
    2. Participated in GBSA 2022 G-Fair Korea, Thailand
    3. Proceeding GBSA 2022 GMS Thailand Marketing Business
    4. Participated in Kotra 2022 GPP(Global Project Plaza)
    5. Participated in Kotra 2022 Asean Green Road Show
    6. Participated in the 20th World Korean Business Show
    7. Participated in Kotra 2022 GPPM Business Convention
    8. Dispatched to Vietnam and Malaysia as a Trade Promotion Team, Gyeonggi FTA Center


  • - Change CI, Mission, and Declare Core Value.
    - Export of new connection devices for bridges to the Philippines.
    - Exporting eco-friendly fiber aqua stone bags to Singapore.
    - Attending the 2021 ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference hosted by the Federation of Small and Medium Businesses.
    - Patent determination of tidal power system and offshore wind power generation underwater structure setting method.


  • - Eco-Friendly Fiber Aqua Stone Bag to prevent river and coastal erosion and prevent underwater structures from being closed to Malaysia and Singapore markets.


  • - New connection device for bridges and solar LED road sign bottle exported to the Philippines.


  • - Standard setting for Eco-friendly Fiber Aqua Stone Bag to prevent erosion of rivers and coasts and prevent underwater structures.
    - Technology seminar for new joints and bridge support for bridges in Manila, Cebu, and Davao, Philippines.
    - Ascon perforated air exports to the Philippines for the attachment of new joints for bridges, solar LED road markers and excavators.
    - Export of new joints for bridges to Pakistan.


  • - Patent application for tidal power system and offshore wind power generation underwater structure setting method
    - Development of solar LED road safety products.


  • - Application for patent development and patent acquisition for the development of seismic new joints for bridges and their installation methods.
    - Application for a patent for development of a seismic support device for bridges and its installation method.


  • - Established an export company, located in World Cup Buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul.