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  • 1. Kotra 2022 Dubai Innovation Fair participation


  • - Change CI, Mission, and Declare Core Value.
    - Export of new connection devices for bridges to the Philippines.
    - Exporting eco-friendly fiber aqua stone bags to Singapore.
    - Attending the 2021 ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference hosted by the Federation of Small and Medium Businesses.
    - Patent determination of tidal power system and offshore wind power generation underwater structure setting method.


  • - Eco-Friendly Fiber Aqua Stone Bag to prevent river and coastal erosion and prevent underwater structures from being closed to Malaysia and Singapore markets.


  • - New connection device for bridges and solar LED road sign bottle exported to the Philippines.


  • - Standard setting for Eco-friendly Fiber Aqua Stone Bag to prevent erosion of rivers and coasts and prevent underwater structures.
    - Technology seminar for new joints and bridge support for bridges in Manila, Cebu, and Davao, Philippines.
    - Ascon perforated air exports to the Philippines for the attachment of new joints for bridges, solar LED road markers and excavators.
    - Export of new joints for bridges to Pakistan.


  • - Patent application for tidal power system and offshore wind power generation underwater structure setting method
    - Development of solar LED road safety products.


  • - Application for patent development and patent acquisition for the development of seismic new joints for bridges and their installation methods.
    - Application for a patent for development of a seismic support device for bridges and its installation method.


  • - Established an export company, located in World Cup Buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul.