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We are a leading Manufacturer and Exporter in Korea which has long technical Experience and Know-how in various industrial fields over 35 years, and are producing especially as below.

1) Road items (Solar LED Road Safety Products such as flush type of Road Stud, Delineator, Bollard, Landscaping Light, Street Light, Crosswalk Floor-installing Traffic Lights, etc.)
2) River & Marine items (Eco-Fiber Stone-filling Flexible Aqua Mesh Bag for Erosion Control and Scour Prevention in River and Sea, etc.)
3) Bridge items (Expansion Joint, Bridge Support Bearing, Balustrade, Noise Barrier, etc.)
4) Building Structural items (Building Bridge EJ, Building Bridge Support Sliding Bearing)
5) Others (Steel processed structural products, etc.)

Under the Motto "Only R&D is the way to live," we will do our best to produce and supply the best products for customer satisfaction and pride.

Thank you.
All the executives and employees